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21.05.2016 16:15

CaspianAgro 2016: the best achievements and traditions of the decade

Today is the final day of the 10th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition, CaspianAgro 2016. The Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016 is being held at the same venue with the demonstration of equipment, goods and services for the food industry by many world manufacturers. Such a professional tandem, of course, increases the effectiveness of both events.

The leaders of our country pay close attention to our agricultural industry, and as is tradition, the event was visited by the President of Azerbaijan, H.E. Mr Ilham Aliyev, who spent time looking at the best brands of domestic and foreign producers and distributors.

The importance of the exhibition was highlighted by the lively interest in it from the world's largest players in the market, reputable investors, and eminent persons from abroad. The event was attended by a number of Ministers of Azerbaijan, heads of relevant departments of Belarus, Georgia and Turkmenistan. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, Heydar Asadov, stressed that over the years, CaspianAgro has proved itself as a reliable platform for annual meetings of experts, demonstrations of machinery and equipment, and goods and services for the agricultural industry.

Significant milestones are positive for effective, prosperous statistics. The anniversary of this event clearly demonstrates the significant growth and solid influx of foreign participants. 309 companies from 34 countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, India, Spain, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, UAE, Russia, the Czech Republic and other countries participated at the WorldFood Azerbaijan 2016 and CaspianAgro 2016 exhibitions. Georgia, Indonesia and the Netherlands are represented with their own national pavilions. Italian companies that demonstrate a wide range of products in various fields of agriculture sectors are very active this year. One-third of the participants were debuting. These are local producers looking for foreign partners for the export of their products.

The agricultural machinery exposition took up an extensive area of the pavilion and outdoor area in front of the Baku Expo Centre. Here, rows of agricultural crop harvesters, ploughing and sowing machines, and combines from well-known manufacturers lined the area. Also on display are the best fertilizers for all types of soil, and most nutritious feed for birds and hoofed animals - from tiny quail to huge buffaloes.

Professional growth of Azerbaijan farmers was successfully demonstrated at the exhibition. As part of the popular brands of major manufacturers, equipment was demonstrated for the livestock industry and poultry farms, alongside irrigation systems, substrates and more. As always, the greenhouse equipment presented by the best manufacturers also caused intense interest. New sectors at this year's exhibition were - E-agriculture and Laboratory Equipment.

Each anniversary program provides ingenious projects; entertains visitors with creative ideas. And today, the organizers were up to the task! In the exhibitions lobby was a multi-stage, humorous competition for pressing grapes into juice which was attended by many interested persons. The popular scene from the Italian film, "The Taming of the Shrew", was successfully re-created as an Azerbaijani version, and many visitors enjoyed it when they danced in barrels filled with juicy grapes much like real winemakers!

Traditional business-oriented tours at the CaspianAgro attracted entrepreneurs and farmers from dozens of regions of Azerbaijan. Experts of agribusiness from Barda, Gabala, Guba, Ganja, Zagatala, Ismayilli, Kurdamir, Lankaran, Sabirabad, Sheki, Khachmaz and many other parts of the country are constantly coming here. Thus, the CaspianAgro 2016 exhibition once again became a meeting place for all professionals of agriculture, farmers, agricultural distributors, owners of fish farms, mills and all those interested and actively involved in the development of Azerbaijan's agricultural sector.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organization of the Republic of Azerbaijan ASK, and the Azerbaijan Export and Investments Promotion Foundation, AZPROMO. The exhibition is organised by Caspian Event Organisers, CEO.

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